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Business Advice Services

Starting, maintaining and growing a business requires sound advice and knowing key facets of your businesses financial health.

DPCA provides business advice services to kiwi businesses of all sizes and has been a trusted advisor and partner to these businesses.

Benefit from a Chartered Accountant to help you do the following:

  • Improve business cash flow so you can focus on running your business, without the stress of meeting expenses
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Structure your business and finances to achieve better outcomes
  • Turn data into meaningful information you can use for strategic advantage
  • Benchmark your business against others
  • Get the right advice to achieve your goals
  • Plan for all scenarios, so you stay cash flow positive

Our Services

Develop your accounting knowledge and financial acumen. With a deep understanding of the accounting and financial issues facing SMEs, we have a wealth of advice and training to share.
We manage your day-to-day accounting tasks to ensure you are claiming the right expenses, saving you money.
Set your business up for success from the start with the right structure and planning to get ahead. Know what pitfalls to avoid and get support and advice when needed.
‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’, give your business every advantage and request a Business Planning session with us today.
Valuing a business is a specialised area that requires a commercial, accounting and financial lense. Get in touch and we will assist you.
Get a professional assessment of a business you are buying, or your own business you’re looking to sell. Get the right advice so you can make informed decisions.
Access the highest level of expertise and experience, without the expense of a six-figure salary. Improve your cash flow and profitability, maximise business opportunities and minimise risk with DPCA’s Virtual CFO services. You will have a qualified Chartered Accountant you can trust with your businesses accounting and financial responsibilities.

David Pratt Chartered Accountants Services

Dedicated and Experienced accountants working in your best interests.